The urgent/important matrix sorts goals, tasks, activities or ideas based on their importance and urgency.

Negative Selection sorts alternatives into ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’ to reduce a large number of alternatives. Use negative selection to select the best set of ideas quickly.

Idea ranking is a technique which ranks alternatives on intuition. It is especially useful if you have a larger number of decision alternatives and want to quickly select the most promising alternatives.

The COCD box sorts ideas based on their novelty and feasibility.

The action priority matrix prioritizes ideas and projects based on the effort they take to develop and possible impact they could have.

In ABC analysis, alternatives are sorted according to their importance, which can be done by intuition or defining a measure, such as expected turnover. In this way, ideas can be quickly prioritized. This technique can also be used what ideas or causes are dealing most effect in a certain problem (in that case, most important […]