In ABC analysis, alternatives are sorted according to their importance, which can be done by intuition or defining a measure, such as expected turnover. In this way, ideas can be quickly prioritized.

This technique can also be used what ideas or causes are dealing most effect in a certain problem (in that case, most important equals ideas that are having most effect, relatively important for a mediocre effect, and so on).

Executing the Method

  • List Alternatives

    Have a large number of alternatives, preferably on post-its.

  • Define Important, Relatively Important and Less Important

    Define what constitutes most important, relatively important or less important. Do not hesitate to use intuition.

  • Sort Alternatives

    Draw the table above and sort the ideas in the different categories, A, B or C ideas.

  • Analyze and Improve

    Analyze this categorization, discuss and possibly improve the categorization.

  • Select Promising Ideas

    Select the most promising ideas (most likely the A ideas) for further convergence.