COCD Box Introduction

The COCD Box is a method used to converge brainstorming ideas. This is done on the basis of two criteria. The first criteria is the originality of the ideas, whereby it is examined whether the idea is known / normal or innovative. The second criteria is its feasibility, which concerns the degree of difficulty of implementation and realization. The technical feasibility and financial possibility are also taken into account.

The COCD Box

The COCD Box is divided into three categories; How, Now and Wow. “How” ideas are innovative, but not yet feasible. “Now” ideas are known, they may already exist and are easy to implement. “Wow” ideas are innovative and achievable at the same time. Ultimately, the goal is to collect as many “Wow” ideas as possible.

This method was developed by the organization Center for Development of Creative Thinking or COCD, from which the name of the method is also derived.

Empty Example

An empty COCD Box
An empty COCD Box


Executing the Method

  • Step 1: Using the Template

    Print out the template and put down or hang up the matrix. If it is too small, draw the matrix yourself on a flip chart or a large sheet of paper (A3 format or larger).

  • Step 2: Collect ideas

    Collect all ideas on post-its and number them.

  • Step 3: Distribute stickers

    Each group member receives yellow, blue and red stickers. The number of stickers is calculated by dividing the total number of ideas by the total number of group members. Then divide the number of stickers over the three colors.

  • Step 4: Select ideas

    Individually select the "best" ideas and determine whether they are yellow (How), blue (Now) or red (Wow) ideas.

  • Step 5: Number selection

    Each group member writes the number of the selected ideas on a post-it, divided into the How, Now, Wow category. Write the number of the chosen idea on the corresponding color sticker.

  • Step 6: Paste stickers

    Stick the colored stickers with the corresponding idea. Arrange the COCD Box based on the majority of the color sticker on the idea.

  • Step 7: Choosing the best ideas

    Select the three most interesting ideas and finally develop three "Wow" ideas into three complete ideas. If necessary, several ideas can be combined into a single idea.


Advantages & Disadvantages

  • It can be considered a waste to eliminate the innovative, yellow "How" ideas. Before that happens, the What-If question can be asked, again scrutinizing the "How" ideas. Some elements may be useful and serve as inspiration for the "Wow" ideas, to make them more original.