Idea ranking is a technique which ranks alternatives on intuition. It is especially useful if you have a larger number of decision alternatives and want to quickly select the most promising alternatives.

Executing the Method

  • Spead-out Alternatives

    Spread out all ideas on the table, or in a good overview.

  • Review Best and Worst Alternatives

    Carefully review each idea and make a top 3 (best 3) and bottom 3 (worst 3). It is also possible to make a top 5, top 10, and so on.

  • Eventually Discuss Alternatives

    In a group, this can be done together, discussing each idea.

  • Select Top Alternatives

    Use the top 3 for further idea development.

  • Optional: Review Best and Worst Alternatives

    Additionally, consider what makes the top 3 best and the bottom 3 worst, and use this to come up with possible new alternatives or develop the alternatives further.