What if you have an idea to redefine product and shopping reviewing, using emotion and artificial intelligence? Enter Shoptiment.

Shoptiment is an online product platform that was developed to change the way reviews are usually approached. Usually, shopping platforms provide a review or rating mechanism by which visitors can leave their ratings on a product.

The Challenge: Better Product Reviews

We developed Shoptiment in-house to provide a platform for better shopping reviews. In our experience, we found out that many shopping websites use a one-dimensional form of reviewing, only based on visitor reviews.

We experienced on many sites that unrealistic shopping reviews were biasing the overall score for a certain product. Also, rating mechanisms on shopping sites were often based on a numerical value (e.g. from 1-10), while real product experiences often reflect an emotion.

The Solution: Combine A.I. Driven Reviews with Customer Reviews

We improved the shopping reviewing experience in two manners. First, we changed the way shoppers rate by using three different emotions instead of stars. Secondly, we combine visitors and reviews from other sources for a final conclusion.

Thus, the Shoptiment platform uses an emotion-based approach. It searches for online reviews of given products and examines these reviews through Sentiment Analysis. This is a way of extracting the sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative) through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, visitors can leave their emotions at each product found on the Shoptiment product platform. The combination of their emotions and the sentiment found by Artificial Intelligence results in a final sentiment for each product found. In other words: each product has an emotion attached. This is a bit superficial to explain through text, so it is recommended to visit the platform and see for yourself how it works.

The Dutch website is available on shoptiment.nl. It was running up to 2019 but failed to grow as a serious platform. However, it is still available as a showcase.