Voting is a group technique were team-members can cast one or a limited number of votes on certain alternatives or ideas. A popular (online) form of visualizing voting is using polls.

Executing the Method

  • List Ideas

    Make an overview of all ideas. Dependent on the number of ideas, people can only have one or a limited number of votes to cast (usually 10-20% of the total amount of ideas).

  • Weight Votes

    Votes can optionally be weighted, meaning you can have a vote which is different in its value (e.g. you can cast three votes, one which has a value of 9, one which has 6 and one which has 3).

  • Execute Voting

    There are several ways possible to execute this technique. People raise hands per idea, and votes are counted. To prevent group biases to break in, people can anonymously make a vote on a paper, and hand in this paper to the group leaders who sums up all votes.

  • Calculate and Visualize

    Votes can be visualized using different means. A very common one is tallying.