Sticky dots is an alternative to voting in which you can stick dots to alternatives. The variant shown above is stoplight voting and includes positive and negative dots.

Executing the Method

  • Gather Ideas

    Have a large to moderate amount of ideas, preferable on post-its.

  • Distribute Dots

    The amount of dots should equal 10-20% of the total number of ideas. You can use stickers or red and green pencils.

  • Display Ideas

    Make an overview of all ideas, preferably on a single piece of paper or wall.

  • Review and Distribute Dots

    Review all ideas and distribute dots over them. A preferred idea can have more than one dot, and you can place more than one dot from your inventory on an idea.

  • Score Ideas

    The sum of all dots is the score for an idea, and the idea(s) with the highest scores can be taken along for further development.

  • Substract Negative Dots

    In case of stoplight voting, a negative dots are subtracted from positive dots.