In the castle technique, each idea is voted yes or no, based on the criteria of acceptability, practicality and originality. It is a technique which is suitable for groups.

There are different variations possible how this technique can be executed. For example, it is also possible to select the best three alternative, develop these further and use another convergent technique on them.

Executing the Method

  • Write Ideas Down

    Write all the ideas on separate post its.

  • Vote Alternatives

    Individually, vote each alternative with a ’yes’ or ‘no’ by reviewing the acceptability, practicality and originality of that alternative.

  • Score Alternatives

    For each alternative, subtract every ‘no’ from the ‘yes’. For example, if an idea has 3 times ‘yes’ and 2 times ‘no’, the score is 1.

  • Combine Best Alternatives

    Combine the two alternatives with the highest score in one final alternative.