The first part of the Kepner Tregoe matrix is going through a normal Decision Matrix. Afterwards, the top 3 from this matrix is selected for analysis in the matrix shown just above.

Executing the Method

  • Do the Decision Matrix Technique

    First, do the decision matrix technique for all alternatives.

  • Select Top 3

    Select the top 3 scoring alternatives from the decision-matrix.

  • List Adverse Effects

    For each of these alternative, list the adverse effects (in a table as shown above).

  • Score Adverse Effects

    Score each of these adverse effects based on their significance (for example with low-high or a 1-5 scale) and probability (the change the adverse effects happens).

  • Multiply and Enumerate

    Scores can by multiplied by the probability and eventually be summed to form a total score.

  • Select Alternative

    In general, the alternative with the least strong adverse effects in total can be considered the best alternative.