The concept screening or Pugh datum method technique is a variant to the decision matrix in which alternatives are compared to an (existing) baseline alternative.

Executing the Method

  • List Alternatives and Criteria

    List all alternatives or ideas on one axis and criteria on the other.

  • Determine Baseline

    Determine a baseline idea, which can be an existing product or the ideal alternative.

  • Compare to Baseline

    Compare each alternative to this baseline using the criteria, and score the alternatives in relation to the baseline. It is possible to use + (better an baseline), – (worse than baseline) and S (similar to baseline) or numerical values (positives for better, negatives for worse and zero for equal).

  • Calculate Final Score

    Sum the +, S and – or numerical values and calculate the final score for each alternative (+ equals 1, while – equals -1, and S equals 0).