Idea ranking is a technique which ranks alternatives on intuition. It is especially useful if you have a larger number of decision alternatives and want to quickly select the most promising alternatives.

The first part of the Kepner Tregoe matrix is going through a normal Decision Matrix. Afterwards, the top 3 from this matrix is selected for analysis in the matrix shown just above.

This technique restates the problem questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? to define the problem. The usage of this technique is very broad. Use the 5W1H technique to generate problem definitions. When considering the problem, stay focused and challenge your assumptions. Always ask: Is this the essential problem? Is this the core of […]

LCO evaluates alternatives based on Likes, Concerns and Opportunities, and uses opportunities as stimuli for ideation and further alternative development.

In ABC analysis, alternatives are sorted according to their importance, which can be done by intuition or defining a measure, such as expected turnover. In this way, ideas can be quickly prioritized. This technique can also be used what ideas or causes are dealing most effect in a certain problem (in that case, most important […]