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TeenStreet International, a part of Operation Mobilisation, wants to bring their teenager event to many other places in the world.

But how do you do that? What should healthy multiplication look like, keeping the core strengths in place, yet implementable in different cultures all over the world? And how do you keep this movement going in a time where the world was hugely influenced by the pandemic? This was the challenge for CreativeSolvers to take on.


In order to come up with a solution that fitted the organization, three current events, in Germany, Montenegro and Malaysia were visited. The primary goal was to get to the core of TeenStreet seeing through the different cultural elements. Another goal of the visits, talking to the organizing teams, was to end the challenges they have while setting up a TeenStreet.

Teenstreet Country Visits
Teenstreet in various countries

In a cross-cultural meeting with people from all over the world both familiar and new to TeenStreet, the findings were presented and a first draft of the product tested. After this, the Startup Kit was further developed and handed out to be used by several teams in Africa, America, and Asia as a pilot for starting new TeenStreets.

As a second part of the challenge, we held online creative sessions with TeenStreet leaders and teenagers all over the world. The aim of these sessions was to think about how TeenStreet could look like in the feature, and how we could grow TeenStreet into a global platform. We used the platform design canvas to consider all the important elements that TeenStreet should think about in launching a new platform.

We also researched dozens of online platforms that TeenStreet could use to move their events and community online, and transform their organization into this digital era.

Solution: The Startup Kit and TeenStreet.life

As solutions for this challenge, we came up with two solutions. The Startup Kit and a new platform on TeenStreet.life.

The Startup Kit consists of a Handbook which gives insights into what TeenStreet is about, and why the outlines are the way they are. This is the starting point for a team to organize an event like this while leaving room for filling in the details. Since organizing teams have been struggling in the past, a process was designed for them to follow. This is based on the Drexler/Sibbet team performance model, taking them through a time of getting to know each other, gaining trust, and performing well together, and closes by a phase of evaluation and continuation. Four Canvasses have been designed that take them on a journey together, accompanied by a Manual and a Game that will help them to keep the team aligned.

An overview of the Teenstreet startup kit
An overview of the Teenstreet startup kit

The teams will be guided by Ambassadors that will help them in the process, giving TeenStreet Global the opportunity to oversee all the events. The Startup Kit also functions as a conversational tool within the organization, providing a common language for a cross-cultural organization.

As a second part of the solution, we created a new online platform for TeenStreet and combined it with a new internal social network. TeenStreet.life is the name of the new online platform, which introduced the new TeenStreet brand design and helps all the countries involved in TeenStreet to communicate with their followers and launch (digital) events. We also set up a brand strategy and gave organizational recommendations on how TeenStreet could further grow as a movement.

In addition, we developed an online shop and designed merchandise for the net platform. Moreover, the TeenStreet.life platform helped to successfully host one of their biggest events online and provide a single point for communication.

What the client says:

“It is not easy to lead an organization in a new phase of innovation and growth, while they have been doing the same for 27 years. We needed an outsider who could grasp and hold on to our DNA but also had the courage to present new things and to transfer that to the international team.

Client brainstorm meeting
Client brainstorm meeting

CreativeSolvers was the right team for the job! They captured our DNA like a sniper and developed a creative product in a relevant way that will help us jump into a new future where we can multiply our product exponentially in other countries. In our first year after CreativeSolvers’ work, their product is already used in the USA, Portugal, South-Sudan, Russia, China, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Canada, and Israel!

It was inspiring to work with a young professional team that is daring and has an eye for the heart of the organization.”