Storyboarding introduction

Storyboarding is a fast way of prototyping. The storyboarding method is used to test the “experience” of a new idea through visualization. A storyboard consists mainly of images. These images help to convey ideas more clearly and suggestively and give more feeling to the idea than using words alone.

In a storyboard, all elements from a new idea, product or service are highlighted from start to finish through visualization. In addition to providing visual insight into the idea, this method also helps to refine the idea better, because it has to be considered who, where and how the idea is used. All important elements from a new idea, product or service are drawn in comic book form in the storyboard. No professional drawings are required for this. The essence is that the experience for an idea, product or service is fully thought out.

Executing the Method

  • Step 1: Determine prototype

    Determine what to prototype. It is not necessary to elaborate the entire range of the idea, product or service in a storyboard. Even a small part of the idea, product or service can be tested. Determine which important elements (keypoints) will be highlighted.

  • Step 2: Create a Storyboard Frame

    To start making a storyboard, you need a sheet of paper (minimum A4 format) on which the number of boxes needed to draw the keypoints is drawn. At six key points, six boxes are drawn on the paper, easy as that. These frames help highlight important moments and build the "experience" from start to finish.

  • Step 3: Drawing

    Now draw the important moments in the appropriate boxes. Do this in comic form and possibly add a short explanation, quote or note. To make these drawings, the quality of the drawings is unimportant.

  • Step 4: Share

    Share the storyboard with other participants or teammates and ask for their feedback or engage in a conversation and then make adjustments or changes.


Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Do not linger too long in the perfection of the drawings. Ultimately, it's about the concept from start to finish and thinking about it.

  • A quick way to visualize a new idea, product or service.