In the castle technique, each idea is voted yes or no, based on the criteria of acceptability, practicality and originality. It is a technique which is suitable for groups. There are different variations possible how this technique can be executed. For example, it is also possible to select the best three alternative, develop these further […]

Card sort is a technique which ranks alternatives on intuition by shuffling them step by step. There are different variations possible, by assigning values to a collection of alternatives or just by shuffling them on intuition. This technique shuffles ideas one by one to select a certain set. Next to ideas, you can also use […]

ALUo considers the Advantages, Limitations, Unique features , opportunities (overcoming limitations) of an idea, and generates solutions to overcome limitations in the idea.

In ABC analysis, alternatives are sorted according to their importance, which can be done by intuition or defining a measure, such as expected turnover. In this way, ideas can be quickly prioritized. This technique can also be used what ideas or causes are dealing most effect in a certain problem (in that case, most important […]