Brand Experience Design

In Brand Experience Design, we consider the creation, communication and experience of your story and values for your audience

Identity Design

Identity design starts from understanding your company’s core values, principles and personality and translates this to a distinct visual language, brand message and tone of voice throughout your brand touchpoints.

Brand Driven Design

A brand is experienced through every contact with a customer. That’s why we often combine the design of an identity with strategy through brand driven design.

Design Systems

The creation of design systems enables a single distinct brand languages for all your communication expressions and creates a single consistent experience.


Business Modelling

In the same way designers approach the design of a new product, business problems can be investigated and new business models can be designed. It’s the expertise called Strategy Design.

Business Design

Business Design elaborates on your vision, mission and ambition and clarifies the key components and activities of your company in one business plan. It also gives insight about which business components might show opportunities and which external forces influence your venture

Product Strategy

Product Strategy investigates new or existing products with their user group and brings advice about improvements. It examines the composition of the current product or service offering, existing competences and assets. Subsequently, it determines priorities and identifies which product or product combinations show opportunity.

Marketing Strategy

Market Strategy investigates the experience of a client or user and his or her journey in a certain context. Eventually, it may result in concrete product improvements or proposals that align with the preference of an user. It identifies an existing or upcoming product offering and surrounding factors. A well designed marketing strategy advises how your product offering can be introduced in an unique way



Reinvention helps to gain a new perspective of your company and set up your corporate culuture for change.

Vision Immersion & Design

Vision Immersion is a research trajectory in which we investigate how your vision is implemented in your company and what influence it has on culuture.  It helps to reinvent your company and build a powerful corporate culture by defining a clear vision.

Great Company Design

There are a number of well researched factors which build great companies. With Great Company Design, we evaluate your company on these factors and advice for interventions that are needed to have a great company.

New Economics Application

Classic economic models focus on profit maximization and shareholder influence as driver for business decisions. The developments in our economic system demand a new way of defining business models. New Economics Application helps you to reframe capital in a wider sense and gain long-term performance at the same time.

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