Concept Development

It all starts with an idea, or a small desire. A concept develops this desire to a strong vision and gives a glimpse of the future when a specific idea is realized. A concept defines an idea and forms the core of a new product, platform or application.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints is a methodology developed by Google to test new business ideas in a rapid way. It is perfectly suitable to test new ideas in a one-week intensive design sessions and quickly test new concepts.

Visual Communication

Visual communication will help you to communicate your idea, concept or venture. Because of the creative nature of visual communication, it can be used to clarify abstract information and even uncover new concepts during the process


Service Design

The ecosystem in which a product is developed is a major part of product development. The services surrounding a product can be determining in the success or failure of a product. That’s why we develop products from their context, taking into account the surrounding context, business factors and services.

Customer Journey Design

The starting point for a service is the complete journey a user has with this given service. Service design includes the design of all interactions (or touchpoints) this user has.

Products as a Service

We consider services as products, as increasingly companies are adopting business models that are aimed at services and recurring income. Service design not only covers the design of new services, but also how products can be served.


Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops are a part of Product Innovation and range from trainings to actual problem solving sessions.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving is a staged process of understanding problems, setting objects and creating new creative ideas. It is perfect for the development of innovative concepts and is fun to learn.


Co-creation is about involving the stakeholders into the design process of new products or services. It is a powerful method for innovation as it brings in stakeholders needs and creates a sense of ownership.

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