Open Source Development

We use open source technologies such as WordPress, Laraval, VUE.JS allow for the creation of scalable and user friendly applications.

Web Development

The creation of stable and performant websites  as a digital outlet of your company.

Application Development

The development of custom applications that are stand alone or communicate with other applications in your workflow.


The connection of applications, often through so called API’s, allows for aumation of business process and clear visualisations of Key Performance Indicators.


User Experience Design

New digital technologies are tempting, but they are only succesful if the experience of users with them is seamless. That’s why we consider user experience design a central aspect of digital transformation.

We’ve all seen new technologies being pushed to users, without taking them into account. What if the user is the starting point, and new technologies serve them in achieving their jobs?

User Centered Design

The fundamentals of a well functioning digital technology is the user experience and usability of a design. Logically, this forms the starting point for the design of any interface, whether it is a website or application.

Web and Application Design

Web and application design considers the visual design of your applications or websites, taking into account the requirements of your visitors and your corporate story. It is an essential part of user experience design.

Interactive Prototyping

An interactive prototype is a testable design of an application or website. Through the art of interactive prototyping, it is possible to test design early and see how your content is experienced through possible users.


Digital Strategy

The customer journey of your clients and even employees may be exceedingly digital. Digital strategy considers how digital technologies can contribute to your business objectives.

Content Creation

Content is a crucial part of your digital strategy and should be the starting point of very digital project, website or application. It helps to build authority, expertise and trustworthiness. Content is not only the textual matter, but also images and video. We eagerly investigate content and connect it to your goals and target clients.

Online Marketing

Internet Marketing helps your venture to gain online influence, and make customers find your venture online. The design of the correct landing pages, optimization of keywords, advertising and e-mail & social media campaigns are example activities which contribute to your online strategy.

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