Our Aim is Bearing Fruit

We like to serve where there is need. Our products and services are like fruit on a tree: a fruit can lay form the foundation for a completely new tree. That is how we like our products and services to contribute to our clients and environment, and bear fruit in itself. Simply said: we see business as helping people.

We value people over profit. Moreover, we would even like to express our profit in the personal growth of people

Principle 1: Relations

  • We help and empower each other.
  • Demographic or gender related attributes never determine the value of a person.
  • Genuine connection is the key to relationships.
  • We collaborate were necessary, but take ownership of what is our part.
  • We’re quick to forgive, and slow to condemn.

Our Base is Deeply Rooted

We value a moral compass in business. Integrity, honesty, and trust are our core to that.

We value the implementation of research, practical knowledge and the aspect of life-long learning inside and outside our company.

Principle 2: Knowledge

  • Knowledge forms the building blocks for creativity.
  • Knowledge is for creative practice, not for theory only.
  • Life-long exploring is essential for building knowledge.
  • Our knowledge and research makes others blossom.
  • We learn from failures and we learn from it together.

We have a Source of Inspiration

We come straight to the point. We are strongly inspired by the Christian faith and the work of the Holy Spirit in our philosophy and work. We believe that God is a source of unlimited creativity and solutions. This is combined with actual knowledge and collaboration with people across the world.

Since all have been created equal, we’re a flat organization. We believe creativity can be messy sometimes, but creates a culture of fun and collaboration.

Principle 3: Creativity

  • We are optimistic and realistic in our approach to problems.
  • Problems can be solved with the right minds and methods.
  • Difficult solutions can be avoided if existing are sufficient.
  • Creativity is not used for the sake of creativity only, but for creating value.
  • Creativity can initially bring us through a state of uncertainty, but end up in concrete results.

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