Our Expertise: Process & Product Innovation

Our background is rooted consultancy, product design and engineering. Essentially, these fields are about understanding and solving complex people and technology problems. Both analysis and creativity play and important role here.

We’re trained to understand people and create solutions that change behavior. As you can see, that works great with business problems, such as implementing change.

We use proven methods to get results. In addition, we have designed our own processes based on our own research, experimentations and experiences.

Our Beliefs: Bearing Fruit

In everything we do as company, we want to contribute to the healthy growth of other people and companies while respecting the boundaries of our planet.

We consider our own services and products as fruits, being able to bear fruit on itself in their environment. This principle guides our decision making for our clients, colleagues and partners. We value people over profit.

We value three main values in the culture of our company: creativity, knowledge and relations.

Our Mission: Connect & Share CreativeSolvers

The word CreativeSolvers means two things.

First, it is an inspired person highly capable of solving problems creatively. Secondly, we defined it as a tool or method by which a certain problem can be solved.

Our long term mission is to create a collective of CreativeSolvers, to connect them to the world’s challenges and share the knowledge we’ve gained in the process.

Our Champions: Our People

The engines driving CreativeSolvers are our people. We call them CreativeSolvers, which is derived from Creative Problem Solvers. Every CreativeSolvers has a background in business, design, engineering or science.

Moreover, we have a strong ethical compass to make the world a better place. Whenever possible, we also collaborate with the best developers, designers, consultants, engineers, scientists and strategists from anywhere in the world.

Our Approach: Holistic

We noticed that problems occurred when the internal or external strategy of an involved organization fell short. That’s why we combine (whenever possible) the strategic side with the creative aspects of our work.

A holistic approach considers the whole context and does not only focus on the solution. In this, we work at the intersection of business (viability), human factors (usability) and technology (feasibility).

We have chosen this integral approach because each of these aspects is important for the development of successful products and processes.


We’ve helped a range of clients from Universities to Infrastructure Providers, NGOs and Engineering Companies.

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