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Make it WorkPress was developed to make a clear distinction between our mother brand (CreativeSolvers) and a company that is purely focused on WordPress. This company became Make it WorkPress.

WordPress is a piece of online software (a content management system, or CMS) that is used more than a third of the websites worldwide. It enables organisations and individuals to have their own website. A website which is easy to build, maintain and extend.

In-house Project

Make it WorkPress was developed as an inhouse projected and is maintained seperately. At Make it WorkPress, we provide consultancy services on the use of WordPress, WordPress development services and worry-free hosting for WordPress.

Our worry-free hosting service is taking advantage of modern techniques, such as Varnish Reverse Proxy and Redis Object Caching, delivering incomparable performance. In addition, this is truly managed hosting as we also improve the clients’ websites performance on-site through image optimization, asset optimization and security monitoring.

At last, we have developed a number of WordPress scripts which greatly can reduce the development time for custom made WordPress websites.