The IoT Academy is a Rotterdam-based company focused on given workshops to enterprises on disruptive and emerging technologies.

As part of their workshops, they were developing a game in which players had to sell lemonade. Based on data such as expected weather, expected crowds, and price elasticity, players have to make decisions on how much lemonade they are going to sell.

The aim of the game is to learn players how to act on various forms of data and get an insight into the use of data. This game had both a digital and a physical component, for which we developed the digital component. But how do you create a seamless experience, where corporate teams learn to act on big data?

The Challenge: Seamless Digital Integration

The challenge was to provide a solution that allowed the IoT Academy to run the digital part of the serious game seamlessly along with the physical part. For this, it was required that the application could be used by various user groups (facilitators and players) and various screens (iPads, laptops, and conference screens).

The Solution: a Versatile Application

We developed a versatile application based on open source technology. In this application, various access levels were distinguished:

  • Game facilitators could access the back-end of the game, modify the settings for the game engine, start new games and add teams.
  • Players could access their unique player screen on their iPads.
  • A central screen for each new game with player scores was accessible as well.