Maurice van der Spek is an upcoming journalist with a strong personal vision and drive. His mission? To go on a journey, research the various stakeholders in the food industry and report back to all interested.

The Challenge

Maurice was not content about the editorial possibilities and design of his old platform and approached us for the redesign and development of a new platform, together with ambitious goals.

The Solution

After the intake, we started with a 3 hour strategic session to clarify the most important aspects of Maurice his platform. Think of issues such as who is my audience and their needs, what is my purpose with the platform and what features should the platform have?

The strategic session formed the basis for the design of a corporate identity, including the interest cards as shown in the slider and the final platform.

Brand Identity for Maurice van der Spek
The different brand variations for the platform

We decided to develop the platform with WordPress using our in-house developed framework and real-time front-end editing. Fancy words, but in essence Maurice had all the tools to add his and edit his content in a fantastic way. To quote his own words: “This is better than I can dream”.